šŸ—£ P-O-W-E-R WE GOT THE POWER! October 2017

October 2017

Miami-Dade County Public Schools: The Hidden Truth Releases October 18th!Ā 

Miami-Dade County Public Schools: The Hidden Truth is a new report by the Power U Center for Social Change and Advancement Project, D.C. uplifts studentsā€™ call for safer, more supportive school environments in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The student-developed report grades Miami-Dade County Public Schools on school climate metrics, demands additional school investments in student supports, and an investment in solutions rooted in reproductive and restorative justice.


ReproductiveĀ Oppression

“This month, I will be celebrating nine months of being a Community Organizer at Power U Center For Social Change (Power U). This has been a journey of extreme growth, challenges, as well as trial and error. Iā€™ve sharpened my organizing skills by canvassing in the community and deepening my understanding of the local political climate from residents who live in Miamiā€™s School Board District 2. Throughout this journey, our organization has had several leaders transition from their roles to serve the movement in different ways. Our past Lead Organizer, Ruth Jeannoel, left a permanent impression on me with her vision in seeing that our organization adopt a reproductive justice framework in a real and intentional way. Reproductive Justice, as I learned through an organization called SisterSong, is the complete physical, mental, spiritual, political, social and economic well-being of women and girls, based on the full achievement and protection of womenā€™s human rights. Reproductive oppression is the forced control and exploitation of women, girls and individuals through our bodies, sexuality, labor and reproduction.”Ā Read more…


Florida’s March For Black Women

On September 30, 2017 Power U joined over 1,000 people for the March For Black women in Miami, FL. Kera Carr, our Young Parent Organizer, led chants and spoke during the march! The march uplifted theĀ sanctity, stability and safety of Black women and girls and their families. The objective was toĀ center the experiences of Trans Black women, Black women struggling to pay rent, Black girls who are told they are ā€œpretty for a dark-skinned girl,ā€ Black women who are under appreciated and underpaid, undocumented immigrant Black women living in fear of deportation, Black women with children in failing schools, Black women unable to bear children, Black women with visible and invisible disabilities, Black women survivors of violence, Black women who do not have time to cry, Black women who make a way out of no way, for all Black women.Ā Click here see photos!

Read more about theĀ FloridaĀ March ForĀ Black here…


Sistersong’s Let’s Talk About Sex ConferenceĀ 

The Let’s Talk About Sex Conference was one of the largest reproductive justice conferences hosted in New Orleans this past weekend. The conference hosted a wide range of panelists, speakers, activists, entertainers, and leaders throughout various social justice movements and across sectors who are unapologetic about standing up for our reproductive freedoms. The conference featured over 45 workshops that informed, educated, tantalized, and inspired folks to take action! Power U was honored with the opportunity to lead a restorative justice circle centered in cultivating consent culture! Kera Carr and Tifanny Burks put their brains together and applied to host this restorative justice circle as a workshop and were selected out of several hundred applicants. They facilitated a restorative justice circle that led to some healing, sharing, and bonding between circle participants.