Shi’kera Carr’s Reflections of Highlander Research and Education Center: Seeds Of Fire Living Legacy Tour Highlander Research and Education Center: Seeds Of Fire Living Legacy Tour

Highlander Research and Education Center also known as the Folks School, was founded in 1932 by Myles Horton. Throughout the years, Highlander has become a meeting place that brings people of color and white allies together to challenge white supremacy. This year I attended the Seeds of Fire Legacy Tour which brought together youth leaders[…]

Young. Passionate. Ready To Lead. We've Grown. Significantly.

 We’ve grown. Significantly.  _________ In April we announced our leaders, Hashim and Ruth, would be transitioning from their respective roles at Power U. While we are saddened to see them go, we are also excited about the future. With this excitement we are pleased to publicize how much Power U has grown! Finding a new Executive[…]

James Lopez Executive Director

James Lopez is an Afro-Latino native of Rochester, New York. James graduated from the University of Buffalo where he earned his degree in Psychology and African American Studies. James began organizing through legal advocacy while working with the Attorney General’s Environmental Protection Bureau in Buffalo. He then worked for the Western New York Law Center organizing with[…]

Mako Carr Youth Organizer

Mako Carr was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Mako is a graduate of Miami North Western Senior High school. He joined Power U in 2012 where he became very active and engaged in restorative justice organizing. In 2016 Mako became an intern for Power U laste becoming a Youth Organizer. Contact Info:

Tifanny Burks Community Organizer

Tifanny is a freedom fighter, abolitionist and community organizer. She was born in Miami and raised in Broward. Tifanny started her activist journey in 2013. She evolved into a social justice writer and community organizer with the Black Lives Matter Alliance Broward in early 2016. She is currently involved in the local Repeal The Racist Stand[…]

Jabari Mickles Community Organizer

Jabari Mickles is a Community Organizer for Power U. He is originally from Detroit, Michigan and comes from a union labor family. Jabari started his organizing efforts with Dream Defenders in 2012, several months after the organization started. From there he began focusing on environmental racism and how it affects his community. Contact Info: