Power U On The Move ✈️ August 2017

August 2017 

Shi’kera Carr’s Reflections of Highlander Research and Education Center: Seeds Of Fire Living Legacy Tour

Highlander Research and Education Center also known as the Folks School, was founded in 1932 by Myles Horton. Throughout the years, Highlander has become a meeting place that brings people of color and white allies together to challenge white supremacy. This year I attended the Seeds of Fire Legacy Tour which brought together youth leaders and adult allies from the southern region of the United States who are organizing for social justice. During my time there we collectively developed strategies to combat detrimental issues affecting our communities and built intergenerational connections to fight against state violence aimed at low-income communities and people of color. This experience was more than just exchanging knowledge about different struggles in the South. It was an opportunity to travel to various Southern states to better understand the struggles of working people from the South during the 1950’s and 1960’s who fought for LGBTQ rights, civil rights and voting rights. In addition, we also learned about the immigration reform struggles that young people are fighting today. Read more…


Breaking The Silence: A Conversation On Stigma and Shame Surrounding Sex, Abortion, and Birth Control

On July 22, 2017, Tifanny Burks, Power U Center For Social Change’s Community Organizer joined a panel to discuss stigma around reproductive health within minority communities in Miami. Tifanny joined women from Latina Institute For Reproductive Health, Miami GRRRL, Planned Parenthood and Venus Roots. The panelist discussed dismantling stigma rooted in shaming women for making choices about their bodies and lifestyle. The panel discussed topics such as abortion, birth control and access to health care. Tifanny was able to uplift the voices of Black women and issues Black women face when receiving reproductive health care services and the lack of safe spaces, specifically here in Miami. Breaking The Silence continued the conversation on how we can break the silence surrounding reproductive health and abortion in our diverse Miami community.


Power U Youth Spoke At The March For Public Education

Power U Center For Social Change (Power U) joined the March for Public Education on July 22. As Miami’s leaders in the fight for better public education, Power U’s youth member, Jael, addressed the audience about the needs of students from a student’s perspective. Jael spoke about her experience as a Power U youth leader and the need for safe and healthy schools. Karla Mats, President of United Teachers of Dade, Teacher of the Year, Rudy Diaz, educators, administrators, public school advocates, and alumni also joined the rally.