This Week In Education Organizing Power Leading Discipline Reform Fight in Miami Dade Schools

School discipline reform and restorative justice took center stage last weekend on Melissa Harris-Perry, where advocates spoke about the national movement to end harsh, zero-tolerance discipline policies. The segment highlighted the Miami-Dade school district, where officials recently announced they will end the use of out-of-school suspensions. One of the panelists, The Advancement Project’s Thena Robinson-Mock, gave a special shout out to The Power U Center for Social Change, which has been leading the grassroots fight for discipline reform in Miami for almost a decade. – Watch the clip here.

Also in Florida: Writing in Truthout, blogger Jeff Bryant lays out the conflicting evidence and lack of accountability surrounding Florida’s charter schools and shows they are far from the “miracles” that the state’s former governor and Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush makes them out to be. – Read Bryant’s piece here.


Thena Robinson-Mock (right) discusses Power U’s work on Melissa Harris-Perry

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