Young. Passionate. Ready To Lead. We've Grown. Significantly.

We’ve grown. Significantly. 


In April we announced our leaders, Hashim and Ruth, would be transitioning from their respective roles at Power U. While we are saddened to see them go, we are also excited about the future. With this excitement we are pleased to publicize how much Power U has grown! Finding a new Executive Director can be a challenging process. However, we believe we’ve found someone who can provide the leadership we need to continue our collective fight for liberation

James Lopez is an Afro-Latino native of Rochester, NY. James is a graduate of the University of Buffalo where he earned his degree in Psychology and African American Studies. He began his organizing work through legal advocacy with the Attorney General’s Environmental Protection Bureau in the city of Buffalo. Read more about James here!

As we transition with new leadership, it is also important for us to highlight the dope individuals who will be continuing the work at Power U. These young people are energetic and passionate about restorative and reproductive justice for all young people. The team has already hit the ground running and is poised to continue developing the leadership of our young people and building power for our communities.

Help us continue this work by donating to our Annual Summer Fundraiser, MORP. MORP is an 80’s & 90’s glow in the dark party for the youth in the community. You can donate and read more about the MORP here!